Nexodyn™ Antimicrobial Wound Care Solution
FDA cleared hypochlorous acid-based wound cleanser that supports the physiological healing process.

Facts about Nexodyn

Acidic pH
An acidic pH reduces the activity of proteases, decreasing the formation and toxicity of their end products. It also improves tissue oxygenation and promotes epithelization¹.

Wound Cell Viability
In chronic wounds, the preservation of cell viability is essential to allow required reconstructive activity of wound repair².

Contains > 95% Hypochlorous Acid
Hypochlorous acid inhibits microbial contamination within the solution while in storage. Antimicrobial preservative effectiveness has been demonstrated against the organisms in the table below in in vitro testing.

¹Basavraj S. Nagoba et al. “Acidic Environment and Wound Healing: A Review” Wounds. 2015; 27 (1): 5-11.
²D’Atanasio et al. “A New Acid-oxidizing Solution: Assessment of Its Role on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Biofilm Morphological Changes.” Wounds 2015; 27 (10): 265-273.

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