“ExSept Plus is an outstanding wound cleanser option for wounds with obvious signs and symptoms of infection or heavy biofilm, as it destroys bacterial load within 30 seconds and cuts through biofilm, allowing for expedited healing. It is also beneficial to have a 100 cc size to use on each patient.”

“Biopad is an excellent collagen option in the spectrum of wound care for wounds with a healthy granulated base in the proliferative stage of wound healing.”

Belinda Marcus, MD North Fulton Hospital Wound Care & Hyperbarics

“We have been using BioPad for about 6 months and combined with a secondary foam dressing has been our choice for all chronic diabetic and venous stasis ulcerations.  We have seen a definite reduction of healing times since we made the change to BioPad.”

Dr. Gary S. Fields, DPM. Bednarz, DPM West Georgia Podiatry Associates

“As an adjunctive topical wound dressing , BioPad has been superior. When I started using it in our outpatient wound treatment center, most other collagen products disappeared from use. It wasn’t because I said to use BioPad exclusively. Each of the six nurses I work with made their own decision quickly. We haven’t looked back.”

Dr. Charles M. Haendel, DPM WellStar Podiatry

“In the last year, BioPad has become the collagen dressing of choice, not only within my own podiatry practice but also at the wound care facility I work in. We have seen a higher success rate in wound closure and reduction in healing time with patients with chronic diabetic and venous stasis ulcers. It’s a great, cost-effective first line of therapy in wound care management!”

Dr. Michael K. Bednarz, DPM Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia-Woodstock